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PUDDIN' YORKIE Product #: 1730

10" stuffed Yorkie dog in an all new size! Realistic Yorkie coloring and cuteness in an ultra soft and cuddly plush!

USD$ 12.95
USD$ 13.00
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YETTIE YORKIE Product #: 1897

12"(30.5cm) A beautiful and ultra soft yorkie dog. Cute as a button and equally realistic he is sure to steal your heart.

USD$ 16.95
USD$ 17.00
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YONKERS YORKIE Product #: 4087

8"(20cm) Such a fun and realistic yorkie. With soft short fur and ultra cuddly long fur this dog is true to life and totally huggable.

USD$ 9.95
USD$ 10.00
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SPOUT ORCA WHALE Product #: 3738

13" Spout the black and white Orca Whale in beautiful materials is very soft and life-like! This stuffed whale will be a big hit!

USD$ 9.45
USD$ 9.50
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BALENA ORCA WHALE Product #: 298

24" long Balena the stuffed Orca Whale is a stunner! Traditional black and white markings in the softest most cuddly plush! Perfect for playtime and bed time!

USD$ 27.95
USD$ 28.00
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