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Flair Springer Spaniel Product #: 4016

8 in. Breed specific details and the softest materials make this dog distinctive and a great "pick-up" gift or toy.

USD$ 8.54
USD$ 8.99
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Ogilvy Springer Spaniel Product #: 2027

16" long (40 cm) Much like former President George H.W. Bush's (senior) dog, Millie.

Douglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly Dog and Cat Breeds with distinctive expressions and gestures that speak quality and value unlike any other plush animal. We make breed-specific stuffed animals that go beyond the average teddy bear. The Douglas collection includes other stuffed dogs, stuffed cats, stuffed horses, stuffed wildlife, stuffed barnyard animals, stuffed bears, stuffed teddy bears, stuffed sea life, stuffed fantasy animals like unicorns and dragons, stuffed penguins, stuffed unusual beasts, accessories like Pet Saks and backpacks, infant accessories, toys and overall the best stuffed animals available.

USD$ 23.74
USD$ 24.99
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Tick Tock Springer Spaniel Product #: 1907

12" stuffed Springer Spaniel dog with breed-specific brown and white coloring. Short hair around his paws, chest and face with the long hair on his body and ears. Super soft and cuddly!

USD$ 16.99
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Sprinter Black and White Springer Spaniel Product #: 1904

12" laying Sprinter the stuffed Black and White Springer Spaniel dog is soft, realistic and super cute! Classic white and black markings with long, furry black ears and tail.

USD$ 16.14
USD$ 16.99
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Spring Weave Basket with Lamb Product #: 759

6" Tall (15 cm) Soft Basket with White Lamb

USD$ 11.99
USD$ 12.00
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Spring Tote with Chocolate Bunny Product #: 1127

7" wide Spring Tote bag with Chocolate Bunny. This sweet and colorful tote bag with yellow, pink and green flowers, polka dot accents and flower embroidery is all things fresh and bright! Removable, Stuffed Chocolate Brown bunny rabbit peeks over the top.

USD$ 16.14
USD$ 16.99
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