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PATCH RACCOON Product #: 4034

7 in. Made of the softest materials with distinctive detail, this cuddly stuffed toy raccoon is a great gift or toy.

USD$ 9.65
USD$ 9.70
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RASCAL RACCOON * Product #: 4119

10" long Rascal the stuffed Raccoon is both realistic and unbelievably cuddly! Made of ultra soft, luxurious materials and slightly under stuffed this raccoon is the perfect cuddly and play companion!

USD$ 13.95
USD$ 14.00
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RANGER RACCOON Product #: 1889

8" sitting stuffed Raccoon, Ranger, in gray/brown plush with bushy striped tail and classic eye mask. Ultra soft, perfect for play, cuddles or adventure!

USD$ 13.45
USD$ 13.50
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10" sitting 16" overall Bonita the stuffed Raccoon Pudgie is soft, squishy and over the top cuddly! Your kiddo's next favorite plushy!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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