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USD$ 9.00
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Petunia Valentine Mouse Product #: 749

9" Tall Mouse in Valentine Dress.

USD$ 12.00
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Madeline PINK MOUSE Product #: 2354

12" tall (28 cm) Madeline Pink Mouse is a "Sweet Petite!" fashionable dressed friends with matching bags.

USD$ 14.00
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Silver Bell tutu Mouse Product #: 701

9" tall (23 cm) - Silver Bell tutu Mouse is a dancing, whirling vision in fluffy blue and silverwhat a sweet gift.

USD$ 11.99
USD$ 12.00
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9" (23 cm) What a dreamy mouse, ready to dance! Petunia wears a pink tulle tutu and matching ear bow. Her soft, pink slippers have a tiny satin bow and she has an embroidered pink necklace. She is a perfect Nutcracker companion! Also soft and cuddly as can be.

USD$ 13.00
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20" Overall and 12" Sitting (30-51 cm) Petunia is tutu cute in her pink tulle tutu and matching ear bow. She wears fuzzy pink slippers with tiny satin bows and a pink jewel necklace. Her ears and arm pads are lined in soft pink fabric and she is ready to dance! She is an arm full and would make a very special gift.

USD$ 30.00
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Madeline PINK/ GRAY MOUSE TOTE Product #: 1105

7" wide (18 cm) Madeline Pink Gray Mouse Tote is a "Sweet Petite!" fashionable dressed friends with matching bags.

USD$ 15.00
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Purple Tutu Tote w/Mouse Product #: 2151

7" wide Purple Tutu Tote Sassy Pet Sak with stuffed white mouse in our popular purple plush sparkle fabric with sweet tutu and ballerina slipper embellishment. This magical and whimsical bag with removable white stuffed mouse is the perfect accessory for any little person!

USD$ 17.50
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5" (13 cm) A darling little dancing mouse, complete with tulle tutu and ear bow! She is a perfect companion for The Nutcracker. ..also a perfect stocking stuffer.

USD$ 9.00
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PUFF MOOSE Product #: 789

8" tall Twirly Puff Mouse is a little ball of cuteness! Made of ultra soft materials, with the endearing expressions you've come to expect from Douglas. This Puff makes the perfect gift topper!

USD$ 10.00
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Missy Moose Product #: 1822

15" long (38 cm) Moose

USD$ 23.00
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Sigmund Floppy Moose Product #: 4053

A sweet 10" sitting moose, floppy and ready to play!

USD$ 9.50
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Lumber Jack Moose standing Product #: 4003

8 in. Soft as can be and compactly cute, this little stuffed mooseis a perfect size for gift or play.

USD$ 9.00
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MOOSE PUDGIE Product #: 7751

10" sitting 16" overall Minty the stuffed Moose Pudgie is soft, squishy and over the top cuddly! Your kiddo's next favorite plushy!

USD$ 20.00
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Ulysses Moose Product #: 1884

11" long stuffed brown moose is, at the same time, realistic and cute. Dark brown coloring with light brown antlers in the softest, most cuddly materials!

USD$ 17.00
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Loosey Moose Product #: 1761

Kohair- 8" long (20 cm)

Douglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly Wildlife and Forest animals with distinctive expressions and gestures that speak quality and value unlike any other plush. We make breed-specific stuffed animals that go beyond the average teddy bear. The Douglas collection includes other stuffed dogs, stuffed cats, stuffed horses, stuffed wildlife, stuffed barnyard animals, stuffed bears, stuffed teddy bears, stuffed sea life, stuffed fantasy animals like unicorns and dragons, stuffed penguins, stuffed unusual beasts, accessories like Pet Saks and backpacks, infant accessories, toys and overall the best stuffed animals available.

USD$ 12.00
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