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SPRITE MONKEY Product #: 1856

9" sitting (15" overall) stuffed brown monkey, Sprite. Chocolate brown body with light brown hands, feet and face. Ultra soft materials and realistic design perfect for play, cuddles or any adventure

USD$ 22.95
USD$ 23.00
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BANANAS MONKEY Product #: 1875

9" sitting 15" overall Bananas monkey will have you swinging from the trees! In a new mottled fabric which is both ultra soft and very uniquely beautiful with the sweetest face and long swaying tail. Bananas will become your little one's new BFF, no questions asked!

USD$ 22.95
USD$ 23.00
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MONKEY SSHLUMPIE Product #: 1457

19" Long Sshlumpies are a cross between a blanket and a stuffed animal-- only without the stuffing. Playful characters in all-new luxurious fabrics! Sshlumpies offer Babies soft comfort and endless entertainment. Great size for the stroller or to take-along, anywhere.

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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FRUIT SAK W MONKEY * Product #: 2168

7" wide Fruit Sassy Pet Sak with stuffed monkey in delightful aqua and yellow print! Yellow pom pom trim and embroidered details. Plush monkey is removable!

USD$ 17.45
USD$ 17.50
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10" sitting Morocco the stuffed Macaque Monkey in ultra soft materials and realistically endearing face!

USD$ 18.95
USD$ 19.00
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MONKEY CUDDLE MAT Product #: 6353

22" x 30" New! Monkey Cuddle Mat in amazingly soft materials! Perfect for baby to snuggle with, play on, and cover up with! Rolls up for easy storage and on-the-go comfort!

USD$ 37.95
USD$ 38.00
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MONKEY LIL' SNUGGLER Product #: 1395

13" square Monkey Lil' Snuggler made from soothing cuddly soft fabric with satin edges. Sweet embroidered features, perfect carrying size and always machine washable! A perfect baby gift!

USD$ 15.95
USD$ 16.00
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11" sitting, 20" overall Brown and Orange Monkey All new Color Stripes is a Collection of floppy friends that spell FUN in every flavor! Made of unique and trendy fabrics with floppy, under stuffed bodies these colorful stuffed animals are perfect for collecting, cuddling and carrying on -the-go!

USD$ 24.95
USD$ 25.00
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12" long Speckles the Monk Seal in grey and white design with ultra soft plush. This stuffed seal is too cute!

USD$ 14.95
USD$ 15.00
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