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FRANCIS LLAMA Product #: 3760

12" tall Francois the plush Llama is the most real, most soft, most furry stuffed llama around!

USD$ 18.95
USD$ 19.00
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LENA LLAMA Product #: 1507

7" tall Lena Llama in our ultra soft brown and cream plush. This stuffed llama is perfect as a gift, for play and for cuddles!

USD$ 7.95
USD$ 8.00
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LIAM LLAMA Product #: 4541

11"(28cm) This amazingly true to life llama is super soft and cuddly ready to steal your heart. A perfect combination of short and long ultra cushy fur is irresistible.

USD$ 13.95
USD$ 14.00
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LANCE LLAMA* Product #: 274

15" tall Lance Llama is a real show stopper! Full of character (and the longest eye lashes around) this brown and cream stuffed llama is entirely realistic and overwhelming cute. Made from unique and very soft materials; easy to stand and display or snuggle and play!

USD$ 27.95
USD$ 28.00
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CHOCO BROWN LLAMA Product #: 1786

11" tall Choco Brown Llama in a deep brown color with white face and neck. This stuffed brown llama is ultra soft!

USD$ 13.45
USD$ 13.50
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PADDY O'LLAMA Product #: 1742

11" tall Paddy O'Llama in cream and brown long kohair. Ultra soft for cuddles yet stands well for playtime.

USD$ 13.45
USD$ 13.50
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11" Weaver the Llama hand puppet is guaranteed to make your audience smile! Ultra soft plush, big llama ears and an endearing face! Perfect gift for the imaginative player!

USD$ 14.95
USD$ 15.00
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JASPER GLDN LLAMA* Product #: 1525

8" tall Jasper Golden stuffed Llama in soft golden caramel colored fabric. Standing for the perfect size for play!

USD$ 7.95
USD$ 8.00
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LYDIE PUFF LLAMA Product #: 791

8" tall Lydie Puff Llama is a little ball of cuteness! Made of ultra soft materials, with the endearing expressions you've come to expect from Douglas. This Puff makes the perfect gift topper!

USD$ 9.95
USD$ 10.00
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12" tall (with fins) Calypso the stuffed lime green mermaid is all things magical and beautiful! Metallic and shimmering materials, detailed embroidery, blonde hair and teal crown! Perfect for imaginative play, cuddling and fun!

USD$ 12.95
USD$ 13.00
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10" sitting 16" overall Zonkey Plumpie in dark cream with coral, lime and yellow accents. Utterly soft, cute and cuddly, under stuffed to make slouchy cuddler!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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WHIMSEY PNK WHALE Product #: 4103

9" long Whimsy pink stuffed Whale with glitter fins and embellishments, a pink waterspout tuft and a lime green belly. Perfect for play and cuddles!

USD$ 11.95
USD$ 12.00
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AUDREY ALLIGATOR (LG) Product #: 4143

30" Audrey the stuffed pink Alligator in hot pink plush with sparkle green scales and a lime green belly! Collect both sizes for some fun playtime!

USD$ 29.95
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8" wide Tropical Ruffle Tote with bright designer fabrics will surely make a statement! Full-functioning tote bag in turquoise, lime with coordinating white and blue swirly print, piping and embroidery. Perfect for the bright and fun little lady in your life!

USD$ 18.00
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LIL DRAGONFLY SAK Product #: 2149

7" wide Lil' Dragonfly Tote Sassy Pet Sak with stuffed Golden Retriever in our popular pink kaleidoscope fabric. Accented with lime green and pink ribbon, polka dot ruffle and of course the softest little stuffed golden retriever pup! Plush dog is removable!

USD$ 17.45
USD$ 17.50
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