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Lord Titan Lion Product #: 482

30" long (76 cm)

Douglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly Jungle and Wildlife animals with distinctive expressions and gestures that speak quality and value unlike any other plush animal. We make breed-specific stuffed animals that go beyond the average teddy bear. The Douglas collection includes other stuffed dogs, stuffed cats, stuffed horses, stuffed wildlife, stuffed barnyard animals, stuffed bears, stuffed teddy bears, stuffed sea life, stuffed fantasy animals like unicorns and dragons, stuffed penguins, stuffed unusual beasts, accessories like Pet Saks and backpacks, infant accessories, toys and overall the best stuffed animals available.

USD$ 149.95
USD$ 150.00
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ARI LION (LG) Product #: 1861

24" long Ari the stuffed Lion is amazing! Cute, ferocious and incredibly realistic this plush lion is perfect for play and for cuddling!

USD$ 47.95
USD$ 48.00
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RAJA LION (S) Product #: 1874

15" long Raja the floppy stuffed Lion is just ready for fun! Amazingly cute and realistic face with shorter fur and a long golden brown mane Raja is perfect gift for imaginative play and cuddles!

USD$ 22.95
USD$ 23.00
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LION COLOR STRIPES* Product #: 4406

11" sitting, 20" overall Grey & Blue Lion All new Color Stripes is a Collection of floppy friends that spell FUN in every flavor! Made of unique and trendy fabrics with floppy, under stuffed bodies these colorful stuffed animals are perfect for collecting, cuddling and carrying on -the-go!

USD$ 24.95
USD$ 25.00
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8"(20cm) total sweetness and exudes from this soft and cuddly white bichon. So realistic this beauty will steal your heart.

USD$ 9.65
USD$ 9.70
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10" sitting, 16" overall Lenny the Leopard Pudgie in realistic leopard print. Pudgies are under stuffed, squishy and made from the softest plush!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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LUDWIG LOON Product #: 4056

8 in. Distinctive markings and red eyes make this soft stuffed toy loon look real.

USD$ 10.95
USD$ 11.00
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LENA LLAMA Product #: 1507

7" tall Lena Llama in our ultra soft brown and cream plush. This stuffed llama is perfect as a gift, for play and for cuddles!

USD$ 7.95
USD$ 8.00
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15" long Streamline the stuffed Alligator is fierce and playful all in one! Realistic scaly plush, teeth and spikes make this ultra soft and cuddly critter tons of fun!

USD$ 12.95
USD$ 13.00
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POP FRUIT SAK-PAK* Product #: 7353

12" tall, 10" wide Pop Fruit Sak-Pak with fun and stylish aqua print with yellow, pink and green fruit motif. Fuzzy pink pom-poms line the edges and a zippered pocked is accessible on the front. Draw string opening that become the straps can be worn as a back pack or over the shoulder like a purse. Pair with one of the other items in the Pop Fruit collection - a perfect fashion collection for older girls!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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