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Abner GUINEA PIG Product #: 4106

8" Abner stuffed Guinea Pig in short haired brown and white. Endearing and realistic face!

USD$ 10.00
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Angora GUINEA PIG Product #: 4112

8" Angora the stuffed Guinea Pig in long haired black and white is so realistic you may be able to trick your parents! Endearing face and plush fur make this furry friend perfect for play!

USD$ 10.00
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Carnation PINK BUNNY, large Product #: 726

18" tall (45 cm) Carnation Large Pink Bunny is the ultimate stuffed toy for Spring and all year! She is soft as can be with an irresistible face!

USD$ 18.00
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Dew Drop TAN BUNNY, small Product #: 725

13"(33 cm) Dew Drop Small Tan Bunny has a sweet personality and is cuddly soft as can be!

USD$ 12.00
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TILLY CHIPMUNK Product #: 4086

6"(15cm) can we say super soft cuddly and cute? This chipmunk is all things playful and true to life. With perfect little ears and a fluffy tail.

USD$ 9.50
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Snow Queen Arctic Fox Product #: 1893

10" stuffed Arctic Fox in super soft white and gray plush. Realistic, endearing and playful!

USD$ 19.50
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Little Bit Lamb Product #: 1510

5" tall A tiny lamb with adorable face, as fluffy and soft as can be!

USD$ 7.50
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RETRIEVER PUPPET Product #: 7805

11" tall Izzy the Golden Retriever hand puppet is dog-gone cute! She's ready to romp and play in whatever narrative you give her! Ultra soft plush and endearing face!

USD$ 15.00
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Scoop CROSSOVER Product #: 7272

8" wide Pink Scoop Sparkle Crossover Purse with embroidered puffy ice cream cone and sweet pink fabrics! Magnetic clasp, adjustable strap is the perfect gift that purse-loving little one in your life!

USD$ 18.00
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8"(20cm) The softest and most adorable german shepherd. With perfectly cropped ears and big brown eyes, how can you resist this cuddly beauty.

USD$ 9.70
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Lumber Jack Moose standing Product #: 4003

8 in. Soft as can be and compactly cute, this little stuffed mooseis a perfect size for gift or play.

USD$ 9.00
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Morley Black Bear standing Product #: 4002

8 in. Soft as can be and compactly cute, this little stuffed black bear is a perfect size for gift or play.

USD$ 8.50
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Large Marshmallow Polar Bear Product #: 1857

22" long (56 cm) - Marshmallow Polar Bear is a very unique, realistic, huge stuffed polar bear! He is so very soft and very cuddly! His face is handsome as can be!

USD$ 40.00
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Spunky Hedgehog (L) With Hat Product #: 1838C

8" long Spunky the best selling stuffed hedgehog of 2015 is ready for Christmas in a new large size and the cutest striped stocking cap imaginable! Get it while you can!

USD$ 18.00
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LARGE BENSON BEAR Product #: 1283

12" sit, 15" overall (30-38 cm) A classic holiday gift for any age, this bear is extremely soft and cuddly. His sheer, iridescent bow makes him look festive. His face is sweet as can be!

USD$ 32.00
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SMALL BENSON BEAR Product #: 1282

9" sit, 12" overall (23-30 cm) A classic holiday gift for any age, this bear is extremely soft and cuddly. His sheer, iridescent bow makes him look festive. His face is sweet as can be!

USD$ 17.00
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Spunky HEDGEHOG Product #: 4101

5" long Spunky the stuffed Hedgehog is the biggest littlest hit of 2015! Cuteness like this can not be replicated! Fitting perfectly in your hands this ultra soft and amazingly cute little plush pygmy hedgehog turns heads and elicits oohh and ahhss wherever he goes!

USD$ 9.00
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OLIVER POSSUM Product #: 4088

9"(23cm) can't get much cuter than this ultra soft little possum. Unique and realistic with a curled tail and tiny little paws Oliver is a must have.

USD$ 12.50
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Simon SLOTH* Product #: 3780

8" sitting Simon the stuffed Sloth is already a best-seller! Hard to resist this endearing face, detailed little claws and ultra soft plush. Get him while you can, unique and cuddly he's the perfect gift!

USD$ 18.00
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8" long. A breed everyone loves, Miranda Bernese Mountain Dog is soft, silky and great to cuddle.Miranda has a cousin named Bentley. YOU CAN HELP BENTLEY MAKE CHILDREN & GROWN-UPS IN HOSPITALS FEEL BETTER! Paste this link into your internet browser,

http //

and you can purchase the Bentley Bernese Mountain Dog. Your purchase will help bring Bentley to visit and perform for people in the hospital. All proceeds from the Sale of Bentley the Therapy Dog go to the Berner Garde Foundation, a 501c non-profit.

USD$ 10.00
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Bernie Beagle Product #: 2035

14" long

Douglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly Dog and Cat Breeds with distinctive expressions and gestures that speak quality and value unlike any other plush animal. We make breed-specific stuffed animals that go beyond the average teddy bear.

More From Douglas Toys

Did you know that you can shop our plush stuffed dog collection by breed? Well, you can!
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Find Something for Everyone!

Plush Stuffed Cats
Stuffed Toy Horses
Plush Teddy Bears

USD$ 23.00
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Arabella COW PUPPET Product #: 7802

Arabella the cow puppet is one of our most endearing puppets. With sweet soft eye, Arabella can tell magical stories for years to come. Our black and white cow puppet proudly stands 11" tall. Arabella is the perfect gift for children with extensive imagination, and those just starting to think creatively. Our cow puppet brings out the best in everyone!

USD$ 15.00
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9" (23 cm) What a dreamy mouse, ready to dance! Petunia wears a pink tulle tutu and matching ear bow. Her soft, pink slippers have a tiny satin bow and she has an embroidered pink necklace. She is a perfect Nutcracker companion! Also soft and cuddly as can be.

USD$ 13.00
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