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GINGER GIRAFFE Product #: 4091

10" (25cm) beautiful and soft this ultra cuddly giraffe is impossibly lovable. Realistic and unqiue coloring and sturdy build.

USD$ 9.70
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GIRAFFE SSHLMPIE Product #: 1474

19" long Giraffe Sshlumpie deluxe baby blankie friend! Adorable pink with aqua flower accent. All embellishments are embroidered and product is machine washable! Perfect stroller size and take-along friend!

USD$ 20.00
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GIRAFFE SNUGGLER Product #: 1409

15" square Giraffe Lil' Snuggler soothing cuddle toy for baby. Pink ultra soft fabric with embroidered embellishments. Ultra soft machine washable plush with satin trim. Perfect carrying size!

USD$ 15.00
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Bentley Floppy Giraffe Product #: 1899

20" tall stuffed Floppy Giraffe, Bentley, is beautiful! Realistic coloring and endearing face - perfect for play, cuddlles or any adventure!

USD$ 30.00
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GIRAFFE ACTIV BOOK Product #: 6403

Giraffe Activity story time soft baby book. Colorful flaps, tags and soft mirrors, squeaks and rattles! Sweet story makes a perfect sensory gift for baby!

USD$ 15.00
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GIRAFFE ACTIV BLNK Product #: 6006

18" x 20" Playtivity Giraffe Blankee is the perfect sensory and cuddle blanket around! Complete with crinkle arms, rattle, squeaks, rings and satin tabs all around this ultra soft play mat is fun, cute and educational for baby!

USD$ 30.00
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