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GINGER GIRAFFE Product #: 4091

10" (25cm) beautiful and soft this ultra cuddly giraffe is impossibly lovable. Realistic and unqiue coloring and sturdy build.

USD$ 9.02
USD$ 9.49
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Bentley Floppy Giraffe Product #: 1899

20" tall stuffed Floppy Giraffe, Bentley, is beautiful! Realistic coloring and endearing face - perfect for play, cuddlles or any adventure!

USD$ 29.99
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15"sq(39cm) ultra soft and unbelievably cute yellow and cream giraffe snuggler. Satin trim with playful tabs and fully embroidered details. Crinkly patches make for a unique sensory experience. Machine washable ta boot.

USD$ 14.24
USD$ 14.99
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