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Fuji Frog Product #: 4180

16" tall and 24" overall Fuji the stuffed multi colored frog is already a big hit! His BIG floppy and cuddly over sized and under stuffed body make him your new best friend! Fun attention to detail like sparkle mouth give Fuji a uniquely awesome look!

USD$ 50.00
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FROG PUDGIE Product #: 7755

10" sitting, 16" overall Gaston the teal and green stuffed Frog is the star of the show for 2015! The cover model for the Douglas catalog, Gaston leads the charge for the all-new Pudgies! Soft, squishy and cuddly in an under stuffed but over-the-top kind of cuteness!

USD$ 20.00
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Frog Sshlumpie Product #: 1456

19" Long Sshlumpies are a cross between a blanket and a stuffed animal-- only without the stuffing. Playful characters in all-new luxurious fabrics! Sshlumpies offer Babies soft comfort and endless entertainment. Great size for the stroller or to take-along, anywhere.

USD$ 20.00
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Duffy Puff Green Frog Product #: 797

8" Tall (20 cm) Soft Green Frog

USD$ 10.00
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Duffy Valentine Puff Frog Product #: 753

8" Tall Puff Frog with a Big Heart!

USD$ 10.00
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Stream Line Alligator Product #: 4031

15" long Streamline the stuffed Alligator is fierce and playful all in one! Realistic scaly plush, teeth and spikes make this ultra soft and cuddly critter tons of fun!

USD$ 13.00
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