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ROXY FOX Product #: 1835

14" Roxy the Fox in red and black coloring. Interesting lying position adds realism and a ton of cuteness! Stuffed fox details with ultra soft plush.

USD$ 17.95
USD$ 18.00
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BUSHY FOX Product #: 1738

10" stuffed red fox, Bushy, is all kinds of cute! Realistic red, white and black fox coloring in ultra soft and cuddly materials!

USD$ 12.95
USD$ 13.00
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FURBO FOX Product #: 1828

16" Furbo the Fox with his long coat and trimmed nose is both realistic, endearing and cuddly! Tri colored with black legs, white under belly and tail and brown coat.

USD$ 28.95
USD$ 29.00
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FOX MUSICAL* Product #: 6604

13" long Fox Musical plays, "What a Wonderful World". Part of the Shy Little Fox collection this plush musical is ultra soft and squishable. Beautiful colors and attention to detail.

USD$ 24.95
USD$ 25.00
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FRAISER FOX * Product #: 4118

13" long Fraiser the fox in our all new laying down body position! The perfect pairing of realism and floppiness! Ultra soft plush makes this stuffed fox perfect for cuddles and play!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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FRANCINE FOX Product #: 4033

7 in. Utterly soft and silky, this toy stuffed fox is a great value.

USD$ 9.65
USD$ 9.70
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SUZETTE FOX Product #: 1573

6" sitting stuffed red fox, Suzette, is all kinds of cute! Realistic red, black and white coloring in ultra soft and cuddly plush!

USD$ 7.85
USD$ 7.90
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FOX PLUMPIE Product #: 6503

10" sitting 16" overall Fox Plumpie in soft brown with wildlife print on belly and satin bow. Utterly soft, cute and cuddly, under stuffed to make slouchy cuddlers!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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FOX SSHLUMPIE Product #: 1468

19" long Fox Sshlumpie is amazingly soft and cuddly! Sweet embroidery details and piping make our Sshlumpies a long-time infant and baby favorite!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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FOX LIL' SNUGGLER Product #: 1404

13" square Fox Lil' Snuggler baby blanket couldn't be any sweeter! Ultra soft materials with satin trim and whimsical embroidery make this fox a perfect gender neutral baby gift!

USD$ 15.95
USD$ 16.00
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VIXEN FOX PUDGIE Product #: 7753

10" sitting 16" overall Vixen the stuffed Fox Pudgie is perfectly under stuffed, soft, squishy and over the top cuddly!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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10" stuffed Arctic Fox in super soft white and gray plush. Realistic, endearing and playful!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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FOX CUDDLE MAT Product #: 6350

22" x 30" New! Fox Cuddle Mat in amazingly soft materials and sweet embroidery! Perfect for baby to snuggle with, play on, and cover up with! Rolls up for easy storage and on-the-go comfort!

USD$ 37.95
USD$ 38.00
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FOX ACTIVITY BOOK Product #: 6400

6" square Fox Activity story time soft baby book. Colorful flaps, tags and soft mirrors, squeaks and rattles! Sweet story makes a perfect sensory gift for baby!

USD$ 14.95
USD$ 15.00
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