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BUSTER BLUE CRAB Product #: 3741

9" wide Buster Blue Crab is delightful! Unique materials and coloring this stuffed blue crab is a perfect keepsake of your summer vacation!

USD$ 11.45
USD$ 11.50
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HENRY HERMIT CRAB Product #: 3729

6" long with shell Henry the stuffed Hermit Crab is cute, magical and realistic! Crab can go inside the shell or come out (stays attached) . In fun sparkly fabric!

USD$ 15.95
USD$ 16.00
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SEYMOUR SEAGULL Product #: 3826

8" long (20 cm) stuffed Seagull. A real scavenger.

USD$ 11.95
USD$ 12.00
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7" Cotton Candy stuffed Flamingo in two toned light pink and cotton-candy pink plush is both realistic and fun!

USD$ 11.95
USD$ 12.00
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GABBY RED PARROT Product #: 3740

8" tall Gabby the Red Parrot is vibrant colors and ultra soft materials! This stuffed parrot is so fun and perfect for cuddles!

USD$ 11.95
USD$ 12.00
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BEACHY PELICAN Product #: 4085

Beachy the stuffed pelican is an impossibly cute, soft and cuddly brown pelican. It's long white crown tuft and leather beak makes this design unique and realistic. Beachy proudly sits 8" tall. Our stuffed pelican will cuddle and comfort any child!

USD$ 10.95
USD$ 11.00
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OBI PUFFIN Product #: 4072

Obi the stuffed puffin proudly stands 6" tall. Obi is the perfect size for gifting or stocking stuffing and looks so much like the real thing. Douglas' adorable stuffed puffin will make any child smile with his fuzzy fur and cuddly feel. Obi is a friend to all!

USD$ 10.45
USD$ 10.50
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KIRBY TRI-CORGI Product #: 2014

16" Kirby Tri-colored Corgi is true to breed and very endearing! This stuffed corgi dog is waiting for cuddles!

USD$ 24.95
USD$ 25.00
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8"(20cm) The softest and most adorable German shepherd. With perfectly cropped ears and big brown eyes, how can you resist this cuddly beauty.

USD$ 9.65
USD$ 9.70
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BOSCO CHOC LABDDL (S) Product #: 3993

8" Bosco the brown stuffed Labradoodle dog is just too sweet! Floppy and ultra soft with the most endearing face! Totally squishable and loveable this doodle dog is the perfect size for grab and go cuddles!

USD$ 9.95
USD$ 10.00
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