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LOUIE CORGI Product #: 1713

10" Louie the stuffed Corgi in ultra realistic brown and white plush! Endearing face will pull you in for cuddles!

USD$ 13.45
USD$ 13.50
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INGRID CORGI Product #: 1819

16" long Ingrid Corgi dog in warm brown and white. Cute as ever and very breed specific this stuffed corgi is just what you're looking for!

USD$ 22.95
USD$ 23.00
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CHADWICK CORGI Product #: 332

16" long Chadwick the stuffed Corgi dog is a best seller! A beautiful and endearing face made with the softest materials.

USD$ 39.95
USD$ 40.00
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RUDY CORGI* Product #: 1645

13" long Rudy the Corgi all new floppy stuffed pup! Adorable and realistic laying down position gives great cuddles or waits patiently at your feet! Dogs have special weighted bodies that slouch nicely!

USD$ 20.95
USD$ 21.00
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KIRBY TRI-CORGI Product #: 2014

16" Kirby Tri-colored Corgi is true to breed and very endearing! This stuffed corgi dog is waiting for cuddles!

USD$ 24.95
USD$ 25.00
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SHORTY TRI-CLR CORGI Product #: 4017

8 in. Breed specific details and the softest materials make this dog distinctive and a great "pick-up" gift or toy.

USD$ 9.65
USD$ 9.70
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