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Salsa Beagle Product #: 4015

8 in. Breed specific details and the softest materials make this dog distinctive and a great "pick-up" gift or toy.

USD$ 9.00
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BERNIE BEAGLE Product #: 2035

16" Bernie the Beagle in breed specific coloring made out of the softest plush! This stuffed beagle is as close as it gets to the real thing!

USD$ 22.95
USD$ 23.00
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DELLWOOD BEAGLE Product #: 1740

10" stuffed Beagle pup in an all new size! Tri-colored beagle coloring and detail in ultra soft and cuddly plush!

USD$ 12.95
USD$ 13.00
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BOB BEAGLE Product #: 3994

8" stuffed Beagle puppy, Bob, with breed-specific coloring and cuteness. Soft, loveable and made from the highest quality materials with skillful craftsmanship.

USD$ 9.65
USD$ 9.70
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SNIFF BEAGLE Product #: 1558

5" sitting Sniff the stuffed Beagle puppy is a dog little in size but BIG in personality and cuteness! Made of the softest plush and highest quality materials these mini pups are a must-have!

USD$ 7.85
USD$ 7.90
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BALTHEZAR BEAGLE Product #: 1973

12"(30.5cm) A beautiful and ultra soft beagle dog. Simply adorable and completely cuddly. The perfect sized stuffed dog for everyone.

USD$ 16.95
USD$ 17.00
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