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STONEY APP HORSE Product #: 1760

9" 'Stoney' Brown and White stuffed Appaloosa horse in ultra soft kohair.

USD$ 12.45
USD$ 12.50
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REY GLDN APP Product #: 4108

8" Rey the stuffed Appaloosa Horse packs a lot of realism and cuddles in a small size! Perfect for take-along and playtime!

USD$ 9.65
USD$ 9.70
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APPLAUSE APP HORSE* Product #: 269

14" tall Applause the brown and white Appaloosa stuffed Horse is ultra soft! Made from our luxurious kohair material in an under stuffed and overly cute design. Horse lovers and snugglers take caution!

USD$ 28.95
USD$ 29.00
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10"(25cm) this regal and handsome golden appaloosa foal is the perfect combination of realism and whimsy. With ultra soft fur and long fluffy main and tail a total show stopper.

USD$ 13.45
USD$ 13.50
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DIANA GLDN APP Product #: 4650

12" tall Diana the stuffed Golden Blanket Appaloosa horse is ultra realistic and beautiful! Signature white with brown spots on her back, light brown body and long brown mane and tail. Perfect for play, display and cuddling!

USD$ 19.95
USD$ 20.00
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